Alpaca fibre is super soft, prickle-free and hypoallergenic, coming in 22 natural colours ranging from white to fawns, browns, greys and black.

It is fire resistant, does not retain water and is 60% warmer than lambs wool – warm in winter and cool in summer, its perfect for that precious newborn skin.

Alpaca fibre is unusually strong and resilliant, and can be reused due to the fibres ability to return to its original structure.

Often referred to as “The Fibre of the Gods” by the Incas, this is a luxury product that lasts!


Our Rainbow Range is handpainted here at Gumtree Gully in smallish batches. Our supply is constantly changing and mostly in 8ply.

If you are interested in these yarns, please email me and I will let you know what we have available at the time.


We are also building up a range of other alpaca related products, have a a browse and see what you think!