Alpacas For Sale

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for something specific, we will at times have young animals not yet listed due to age.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can take your details and inquire at friends/clients farms to see if they have something to suit your needs.

Pet boys will be wethered (castrated) or if too young a discount will apply to help with vet costs. All alpacas sold will be up to date with vaccinations & drenching, halter trained and come with their own halter and lead.

Purchasers new to the industry will receive an information pack, and be given free after sale back-up as needed.
Delivery arrangements to be discussed before purchase.

Stud Services

On farm matings here at Gumtree Gully are the main option at present – mobile matings can be arranged with a cost to cover mileage.

If you wish to discuss this option, please feel free to call us. We are happy to agist your female here at the farm free of charge until she falls pregnant.

Females will be mated then 2 weeks later the first “spit-off” carried out. If this is positive then we will do a second spit-off 2 weeks after this. If the female has a positive second spit-off , we can arrange a vet to confirm pregnancy via ultrasound at 6 weeks at owners cost.

If a female has not had a positive spit-off after 3 matings, we advise a vet check, as there may be an infection or other problem with her.

When your female leaves the farm pregnant, we will give you a summary of mating/spit-off dates, due date and any vet work such as ultrasounds/check-ups. You’ll also receive a picture and details of the stud boy you chose.

If a female aborts or reabsorbs her pregnancy, we offer a free remate. Also if a cria is stillborn or dies within the first 7 days after birth, and all reasonable care has been taken, then a free remate is also offered.

*Please make sure your animals are up to date with drenching before arriving at the farm. We are happy to administer vaccinations, drenches and ADE shots while your animal is with us for a small cost, should they fall due for these during their stay.